S1 Lifer Helmet - Blood Red Gloss

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S1 Lifer Helmet
• Specially formulated EPS Fusion Foam
• Certified Multi-Impact (ASTM)
• Certified High Impact (CPSC)
• 5x More Protective Than Regular Skate Helmets
• Deep Fit Design

"B Positive - Don't Be O Negative"

The S1 Lifer Helmet is one of the best fitting and safest helmets for Skateboarding, Longboarding, BMX, Scootering, Roller Skating and Roller Derby. The Lifer Helmet uses a specially formulated EPS Fusion Foam which allows it to protect your head from multiple low force impacts as well as high impacts. The Lifer Helmet is a certified "multi-impact" helmet and is up to 5x more protective than the soft foam non-certified helmets.  The Lifer helmet is a break through design combining the added safety of a CPSC and ASTM certified helmet with the comfort and fit of a non-certified helmet. The S1 Lifer Helmet is the best fitting High impact and Multiple Impact helmet on the market.



2 Reviews

Brad Lindamood 31st Dec 2019

Great looks and fit

Very happy with my new Lifer helmet. Looks great, especially with a few of my 70’s OG stickers applied. The ability to swap sizing pads is key, and the resulting fit and comfort are perfect!

David 20th Feb 2015

Excellent manufacturing, design, and customer service.

I recently just bought another lifesaver after having The first one for 10 months. Throughout those 10 months the helmet has been extremely structurally sound as well as being extremely comfortable as well. I recently got in an accident and needed a new helmet, there was no other company I would rather have another helmet from than S1. The craftsmanship, durability, and safety ratings of these helmets is amazing. I highly recommend everyone to support S1 and wear a safe helmet at all times.

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