S1 Pro Knee Pads Gen 3

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The Gen 3 S1 Pro Knee Pad is thoughtfully designed with comfort, durability, stability and function in mind. We took great care in the design and development of this product and are very excited to bring our vision to reality. Four years in development and thousands of hours of wear testing we are very proud to introduce the Gen 3 S1 Pro Knee Pad.  The Gen 3 Pro Knee pad is exactly the same in design and function as the first 2 generations but we have expanded and fine tuned the sizing by adding additional sizes for a more customized fit.


• Streamlined Pad Design 

• Military Grade Ballistic Nylon for durability

• Impact Absorbing Knee Cup with memory foam for form fitting comfort, shock absorption and stability on impact

• Triple Stitch construction for extra strength

• Articulated Butterfly Back Flaps for secure fit to prevent slipping and increased mobility

• High Abrasion Replaceable PC Knee Cap with ultra flat surface for stability.

• Perfect Length locking adjustment top straps


Note:  If there is any question about sizing or if you are right on the bubble of a size give us a call and we will help you get the correct size.

Patent# US D813,463 S


8 Reviews

Christina MacIntosh 28th Apr 2019

Amazing quality

These look and feel great on! So glad I invested in these!

Valerie Urso 4th Jan 2019

Winner over Scabs, 187's

I ordered four sets of knee pads to compare the thickness, fit and comfort of all the pads. I put them on, did some knee falls onto carpet, inspected every feature. The S1 knee pads, though costing more than the others (almost double in some cases) were the clear winners. Reasons: + Extremely secure fit. I was replacing a pair of Pro-Designed custom-fit knee pads I bought that were slipping when I fell, despite being custom to my own measurements and wearing them with gaskets. These stay put no matter what angle I fall at. + Comfortable: I fall on little pillows on these. I have torn ligaments in each my knees multiple times thanks to skating, and these are the most comfortable for me that I've tried. + Flatter profile when bent compared to 187: 187's, both derby and pro-derby, challenge the S1's in thickness, but I found them to be bulky and move when falling. The derby version are still my second favorite knee pads. However the S1 pad just makes more sense for falling on flat ground. My knees do not twist due to bulky padding between my knee and the ground. All in all I'm extremely happy.

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