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"I really like my S1 Knee Pads - they don't slip... they are super hard wearing ... and everything is is a bit of a cliche but they are like falling on pillows ... previously with other  knee pads I have had to get gaskets underneath to keep them in place but the S1 knee pads hold their place without knee gaskets and are super comfortable." - Stef Mainey / London Roller Girls  

“I first heard about these helmets from Peter Furnee. He hit his head at Bucky’s bowl and whatever helmet he had on he ended up having to go to the hospital and he was worried about it.  The guys at S1 gave him the run down on the Lifer Helmet and what they do and why it’s important to wear the hard foam helmets even though a lot of the skaters were against the hard foam helmets because they think they’re not comfortable….but if you get a Lifer sized right it feels like any other helmet…it doesn’t look big or awkward on me… it feels comfortable and after I saw the videos on how they work and what the deal is with having a hard shell to protect your head as opposed to the soft ones I picked up my soft foam helmet and squeezed it and I thought to myself what a dummy. You think you are doing right by your family by wearing your helmet all the time but I realized if I hit my head hard enough in this helmet it would have done nothing… it would have kept me from getting an abrasion on my head but that is about it.  The testing and all of that stuff proves their point but all I needed to see was how firm it is when I tried squeeze it from the sides and the end… it hardly flexes at all. Now this is between the ground and my head.  The helmet hits the ground and my head hits the helmet… and this a lot better than all of the direct energy getting transferred to your skull like with a soft foam helmet where the shell is not hard enough to anything.” – Jeff Hedges

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