S1 Helmets FAQ Page

All your questions can be answered here. If we missed anything please feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call!


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Q: How do I adjust/figure out the size of my S1 Helmet?

A: The S1 Lifer Helmet Series have 3 shell molds and are sized up and down by the color-coded sizing liners.

  • The Mini Lifer is our smallest shell (18.5 – 20.5”)
  • The Lifer, Lifer Retro, Lifer Visor and Lifer Full-face helmet are all the same mid-size shell (20.5 – 23.5”)
  • The Mega Lifer is the biggest shell (23-25.5”)

Within each of these helmet shell styles we size the helmets up and down by thinning and thickening the color-coded sizing liners to fit the individual head size.


Q: If the helmet I bought does not fit how can I return it?

A: All S1 Lifer Helmets purchased from S1helmets.com come with 3 sets of sizing liners. The size you purchased in the helmet and one sizing liner up and one down a size. Before returning the helmet, please try the helmet on with all the sizing liner variations; as well as just the shell itself without any liners. If you cannot get your helmet to fit with sizing liners provided, please send us an email and we will help figure out if we can simply send you another set of sizing liners to help accommodate a better fit or if you will need to send the helmet back to us to exchange it for a different S1 Lifer Helmet Series shell.


Q: Can I use the sizing liner that came in my Mini Lifer for any Lifer Helmet?

A: Yes, all the Lifer Helmet Series sizing liners are compatible with all the S1 Lifer Helmet Series styles.


Q: Do the thickness of the sizing liners affect the safety?

A: The stock sizing liners are there to provide the most comfortable fitment for the patented inner EPS Fusion Foam mold our S1 Lifer Helmet Series use. We do have a sizing liner insert that does help significantly with the absorption of energy in the event of a crash which is our S1 RAD Liner which take the S1 Lifer Helmets to the next level in head protection.


Q: What if I am in between liner sizes which one should I choose?

A: Since our Lifer Helmet Series shipping from S1 HQ come with additional sizing liners to help fitment, you will have the thicker or thinner liners to try on providing variation of one inch of circumference adjustment. The liners can be mixed up front and back or even modified for a custom fitment in the S1 Lifer Helmet Series.


Q: What if I am on the cusp of 2 shells?

A: When someone is on the cusp of the 2 shells within the Lifer Helmet Series, we usually recommend the larger shell to ensure proper coverage of the head. Feel free to reach out to our sales team by email or phone for custom advice on sizing. (info@s1helmets.com or 310-464-8179 M-F 9-5pst)


Q: How long does it take to ship?

A: S1 is shipping out safety gear Mon-Fri in Southern California. The warehouse usually gets all orders submitted before 3pm out same day using FedEx. It takes 5 days to get to the east coast at the longest ship time with flat rate shipping.


Q: If I purchase an express shipping option will it ship same day?

A: Our warehouse understands everyone is on a different timeline and we try to ensure orders with FedEx express options ship out same day to help get them to their destination on time. The FedEx express pick up time is around 4:30pst we always double check the website orders at 4:20pst to ensure we get all expedited orders out ASAP!


Q: Can I mount a Visor on any S1 Lifer Helmet?

A: The only Lifer helmets that can have a Visor mounted on them are the Lifer Visor Helmets. Lifer Visor Helmets have a special outer shell with a flat mounting surface and are equipped with in-mold mounting hardware in order to mount a visor to the helmet. You cannot mount a Visor to a standard S1 Lifer Helmet.


Q: Can the S1 Lifer Visor Helmet be worn without the Visor?

A: Yes, The Lifer Visor Helmet can be worn with or without the Visor and the Visor can be replaced if needed.


Q: I hit my head and my Lifer helmet took a pretty good hit how do I know when it is time to replace it?

A: Use these guidelines to know that it is time to replace your helmet:


1.   Stress fractures in the foam.  If you see splintering fracture lines in the foam the helmet has been compromised. 

2.   Compression zones.  If you can see where your helmet was impacted and there is a noticeable soft area in the hard inner foam mold that you can feel with when pressing your fingers into it that is a compression zone and the foam has been compromised.

3.   Cracks in the foam. If the foam has literally cracked straight through and is separating from the plastic outer shell the helmet will not absorb impact in that area and should be replaced.


Q: My S1 Lifer helmet is certified for multiple and single impacts. How many impacts can it take?

A: S1 Lifer Helmets are tested to protect against:

  • 3 multiple low impacts in the same spot (10 mph impacts to the same spot) (4 ft drop)
  • 1 high impact to the same spot (14 mph impact) (6.5 ft drop)
  • 4 high impacts in different spots (14 mph impact). (6.5 ft drop)

If your slam is equal to a 14mph impact (which is a 6.5-foot drop height) your helmet has been compromised in that area of impact and it should be replaced.


Q: Can I change the strap color or order a custom helmet?

A: The S1 Lifer Helmet Series are batch tested to ensure the highest quality EPS Fusion Foam, Rivets, and Straps are provided. Modifications to the product after batch testing will void the batch test certification of quality. S1 is committed to providing the safest helmet possible therefore we cannot alter the product once certified.


Q: How can I be an S1 Pro rider/ start my path to sponsorship?

A: S1 is always looking for talent that is promoting a competitive, fun, and safe environment in their local community. Promoting safety gear is a principle of all our team riders. It is imperative that we live to shred another day. Please send sponsorship requests to info@s1helmets.com with a link to your social media account so we can review.