LEGIT! 5 stars!! 

Product: Lifer Full Face - Lava Orange Gloss 
Posted By: Kai Epperson
The fullface has a huge field of view in tuck, the visor is really easy to tighten or loosen and glides real smooth! 
I bought the same size I bought for my half shell and switched out the cheek pads for that perfect snug fit, BUY ONE!!! 
Top Notch! 

Product: S1 Lifer Helmet - Grey Matte 
Posted By: Brett Snyder
I skate with the Demonseed crew in Merritt Island , Florida and Adam Effertz turned me on to the S1 lifer helmet. Can't believe I wore such inferior helmets till now. I'm also involved with the Florida Vert Series and appreciate the backing of S1 and have witnessed first hand the stoke of the kids who have won a helmet. You guys rock and I back your product 100 %. 
best helmets out there 

Product: S1 Lifer Helmet - Black Matte w/ Bright Green Straps 
Posted By: JF
This is the second helmet that I am getting. 
The first one just saved my life when I took a major hit on the head longboarding. 

great helmet!

Product: S1 Mega Lifer Helmet - White Gloss 

Great helmet! I have a 25" head, hat size >8 and have real problems finding helmets that fit. The S1 Lifer in size XXL fit my head perfectly. The build quality and safety features are top notch - and the ordering and shipping experience were excellent. 
S1 is amazing I will never buy another brand 

Product: S1 Lifer Helmet - Black Matte w/ Bright Green Straps 
Posted By: Rachel Albrecht
I bought this to replace my first helmet, which was also an S1. I had a bad crash while trail skating and hit my head hard. If it wasn't for the helmet I could have had something more serious than a concussion. I will never buy any other brand of helmet. 
Saved my brain!! 

Product: S1 Lifer Helmet - Black Gloss Glitter 
Posted By: Hammer
I had this helmet for 2 days, wore it to my bout, took a wicked hit in the chest and broke my fall with the back of my head. Thanks to my S1, I was spared a concussion. Thank you!! 
Helmet Saved Me 

Product: S1 Lifer Helmet - White w/ Black Stripes 
Posted By: Jason Gainous
I took a fall in 13 foot bowl straight to flatbottom, and right on my head wearing an S1 Lifer. I hit so hard that it cracked the helmet but I was fine. I stayed conscious and no signs of concussion. This would not have been true with other non high-impact resistant helmets on the market. Great product! 
gorgeous, safe helmets. 

Product: S1 Lifer Helmet - Gold Gloss Glitter 

Took a nasty fall on to our rope track boundary a few weeks ago. Thought I would end up with a bad concussion, but was fortunate enough to end up with none. Glad I was wearing my lifer and mouth guard. Don't skate without your gear on. 
Best. Design. Ever! 

Product: S-ONE Helmet Co. - Gives Great Helmet - Racer Back Tank - Black 
Posted By: Pamela
This is one if the coolest tank designs I've sported in a while. The material is light on your son, but still thick enough to not feel like it's cheaply made. The design is also perfect. Spaceballs and this S1 design mesh perfectly. I'm a fan of black tanks and tees and this fits nicely in my collection. I'll definitely be getting what I paid and more back. Now I need more tees and tanks! 
Comfortable and stylish 

Product: S1 Lifer Helmet - Black Matte 
Posted By: Tricky Pixie
S1 helmets have style, and are really comfortable. It came with extra pads to help with fitting, and you can buy new pads if your old ones get stinky to help keep a clean and awesome helmet! Best on the market. I use it for roller derby. 

Product: S1 Mega Lifer Helmet - Black Matte 

Helmet fits perfectly and has great padding that keeps it sitting perfect on my head while riding 
Awesome comfort 

Product: S1 Lifer Helmet Terry Cloth Sizing Liner 

Took my helmet to the next level in comfort. These seem like they'll last a long time, which is a much needed improvement to the stock liners. Mine stick very well to the old velcros so no need for a velcro kit even. 


Best helmet I've used, and I'm old enough to have used a lot! 

Product: S1 Lifer Helmet - Bright Red Gloss 
Posted By: olafhans
I've been skateboarding 34 years and used many different kinds of helmets. The S1 lifer is definitely the best of the bunch. 1st impression for a new user is the remarkable difference in weight compared to their old helmet. Not long after, the exceptional fit will bubble to the top, hopefully a long time after or never will the superior melon protection come to play. The concept of the "crush zone" for traumatic impact is not a new one, but S1 has pioneered the application to action sports. I actively promote their product because the people I ride with are my friends and I want to ride with them as long as possible. Thanks S1!


Awesome Helmet! 

Product: S1 Lifer Helmet - Dark Green Matte 

The S1 Lifer Helmet fits like a glove and looks great in Dark Green Matte! The helmet has a nice low profile and comes with additional liners to get the perfect snug fit. I would highly recommend this helmet. 
Nice Helmet 

Product: S1 Lifer Helmet - Dark Grey Matte 
I was between Protec sizes so my last helmet was a little big and moved around some. The S1 fits great and is very comfortable. It also shipped and delivered quickly. Thanks S1!