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The Gen 4 S1 Pro Knee Pad is thoughtfully designed with comfort, durability, stability and function in mind. We took great care in the design and development of this product and are very excited to bring our vision to reality. Years in development and thousands of hours of wear testing we are very proud to introduce the Gen 4 S1 Pro Knee Pad.  The Gen 4 Pro Knee pad is exactly the same in design, function and size as the Gen 3 knee pad with the only changes being stitching reinforcements at each of the strap contact points and a new layer of shock reducing foam added to the inner knee cup.


• Streamlined Pad Design 

• Military Grade Ballistic Nylon for durability

• Impact Absorbing Knee Cup with memory foam for form fitting comfort, shock absorption and stability on impact

• Triple Stitch construction for extra strength

• Articulated Butterfly Back Flaps for secure fit to prevent slipping and increased mobility

• High Abrasion Replaceable PC Knee Cap with ultra flat surface for stability.

• Perfect Length locking adjustment top straps



Note:  If there is any question about sizing or if you are right on the bubble of a size give us a call and we will help you get the correct size.

Patent# US D813,463 S


21 Reviews

Alex n 22nd Jul 2021

Like little pillows for my knees

I really can’t overstate how much these take impact. I’ve ran through multiple sets of pads at this point in my skating journey and these are by far the luxury pads to get. I didn’t even know pads COULD work this well. I slam straight to my knees often when learning new tricks and feel no pain. With previous pads I would always feel it when i fell, but not with these. Thank you for protecting my knees s1

V. BELL 17th Jul 2021

Fat girl skating

I'm old. I'm fat. I have horrible knees (read as under the care of an orthopedic surgeon). I can skate again! I've taken several hard falls in these at the rink -- Yes, I wear pads to the rink. I'm old and fat, remember? -- and while I won't tell you they didn't hurt, I can absolutely tell you that I have done no damage to my already pretty messed up knees. Also, these are the only pads that I've found that actually fit my thunder thighs. The material is a little abrasive on bare skin, but I use neck gaiters as a kind of sleeve, and that has made a world of difference. That one minor inconvenience aside, they've been amazing!

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