Interview : Arisa Trew

Arisa Trew

Where / were you born?

I was born in Cairns Queensland Australia

And where do you live now?

I now live Gold Coast Queensland

When / how/ why did you start skating?

I started Skateboarding when I was 7 causeI I was getting to cold surfing in winter with my dad after school

so we stated going the skate park

What are some of your earliest/ favorite memories of skateboarding?

Dropping in the bowl for the first time.

What are some of your favorite or most memorable sessions or skate related experiences from the last few years?

Skating Pizzey night sessions with all my friends, my first lessons at level up skate park with my friends,placing 2nd in bowlzilla 2022, 1st place rumble on the reef under 12's 2021.

What have you been up to lately?

Training/having fun everyday skating and trying new tricks or lines

What’s in store for 2022? (new parks? new tricks you're working on? skating?/contests? )

Learning new tricks and getting better at tricks like 540/mctwist, BS hand varial, FS Rock N Slide and Switch Handplants.

What are your Top 3 ?


Ice Cream, French Fries, Sushi

Things you enjoy when you're not skating:

Surfing, Swimming at the beach and hanging out with my friends

Dreams / Goals:

My dream tricks are a Christ Air, Stale 540, Rodeo, 900


Wolf Girl, Wings of Fire graphic novel, Baby Sitter Club graphic novels

Places you would like to visit someday:

Loads of different vert ramps and bowls, Okinawa, Bahamas,

What is your current set up? (dims / dimensions)


Skate Deck:

Parcel skateboards


Ace trucks


bones 58mm


DSCO or reds


I use many different grips including the brands Mob Grip, Fruity Grip, dgk and create my own unique designs and all my grips consist of pink and black checkers.


I use Vans or DC


S1 Lifer Helmet Color: Pink Gloss