Aaron Pike / S1 Lifer Helmet

Aaron Pike 

Age : 15 

Where were you born and where do you live now?  I was born and still live in Virginia.

When did you start skating? I started skating as soon as I could stand, my dad would push me. 

What are some your earliest and favorite memories you have of skating? My earliest memory of skating is rolling back and forth on our old mini ramp. I think my favorite memory of skating is my first 720 from a few months ago, second favorite being my first 540.

Favorite session(s) of all time : Some of my favorite recent sessions were halloween at Dave's Bowl where Barn Burners was shot, last Saturday's session at my friends vert ramp and Jackalope Fest in Virginia Beach.

What have you been up to lately? Just got kittens. Been playing with them and skating vert and street more. More tech coping stuff on vert and more board flipping. Also want to do sixteen 540's for my 16th Birthday.

Things you enjoy when your not skating: Music (because I'm MCPiyker), playing rocket league with my friends and being in nature. 

Dreams and goals for the future? Going Pro and landing a 900, getting to claim a handplant as my own, learning 540 inverts

Favorite Food: Pizza, hamburger, spaghetti and meatballs

Favorite Movies: Bob's Burger Movie, Napoleon Dynamite, The Waterboy 

Favorite Books: The Sociopath Next Door, Home of the Brave, The Thief of Always

Places you would like to skate someday? Woodward Tahoe, Skatetopia, Tony Hawk's Ramp

What is your current set up?

Deck: Toy Machine with Classic Knuckles Graphic

Trucks: Slappys

Grip: Jessup (I'm pretty sure) 

Wheels: Bones

Bearing: Bones Super Red

Shoes: Etnies (without laces half the time) 

Helmet: S1 Lifer Helmet

Pads: S1 Youth Pro Knee Pads 

Skate Photos: Nick Bussius  @bussius_

check out Aaron's skating on Instagram @piykerman


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