BMX Testimonial: Jackson Allen for the S1 Retro Lifer Helmet

"I just want to say thank you! I had a pretty scary crash the other day and I think your helmet saved me from some really serious consequences. I was riding the park in Tayler, Texas and just pumping around when I made a really easy mistake. It turned out to be one of the scariest crashes I can remember. I didn’t get knocked out but it felt like I had been hit by a train. After the session I took my helmet off and realized how much it saved me. You can see where the impact foam collapsed and did it’s job.........  It feels so good to have found a certified helmet that I really like the feel and look of. Like so many people my age, I grew up riding in no helmet, or uncertified skate lids and got used to the fit of those, but realized I was making a huge sacrifice on safety. I had a few head bonks and unfortunately witnessed a few really serious crashes that changed my mind about wearing a quality helmet. I tried pretty much all of the certified full cut options before trying a Retro Lifer and pretty immediately knew I found the one that worked for me. I love the silhouette of y’all’s helmet. "

- Jackson Allen 

Jackson Allen     photo by @crandallfbm

S1 Retro Lifer Helmet