California Dreaming with S1 Helmets

A rad crew of roller skaters from all over the world reunite in Venice Beach right before Spring Cup 2022, join us in this fun and wild meet up where the good vibes and great tricks are the main thing!

California is known for being the roller skating meca, but we took the chance to chat with skaters from all over the globe (including: Australia, Argentina, Colombia, USA, New Zealand) and portray their experience in skating as they share a cool sesh in the well known Venice Beach.

Hope you enjoy this video as much as we do ♥


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Some quotes from the video: 

"Rollerskating is a way of life. It's my therapy. It is my social life. It's community. My whole world revolves around it and I absolutely love it ." - Katie @helloktx

"It's what really brings me peace of mind and body." - @sugu.fu

"My favorite thing is going fast. I love going fast." - @cowbodycrooks

Define rollerskating in one word?

Freedom       - @helloktx

Freedom       - @keeksonwheels

Peace           - @sugu.fu

Excitement    - @barbiepatin

Freedom       - @986____

Focus            - @cowboycrooks

Happiness     - @rollakqi 

Creativity       - @marmaladeslam

Expression    - @bambibloodlust