Cindy Whitehead Interview | " I Love Skateboarding" - Girls Skateboarding Video

About Cindy: Cindy is an OG pro skater from the late 70’s who was well known for shredding concrete skateparks, backyard pools and ditches in California, AZ and back EAST.  She is also the Founder of Girl Is Not a 4 Letter Word .

Hey Cindy! Tell me why S1 and Girl is Not a 4 Letter Word teamed up to make this girl's skate video: We don't see a lot of skate videos that really feature and inspire younger skater girls, and it seemed like the perfect time to highlight this rad team!

And for people who don’t know what Girl is Not a 4 Letter Word is all about? We are a movement that is here to help shine a light on girls and womxn in skateboarding and support them in any way we can, via opportunities, funding and recognition.

Are you going to do anymore videos like this? I hope so! This day of filming was so inspiring that I really think each of these rad skaters needs her own video part!

And what was it like being a female skater in the late 70’s? It was fun, there were no rules, no right or wrong, we were all learning it together. We skated a lot of ditches and backyard pools. Trespassing was just the norm for us. Parents dropped us off at the skatepark and left us to our own devices for hours on end. It created a unique community and family among all us skaters. There were very few girls skating vert back then and the ones that did are still my skate sisters today. The love of skateboarding is forever.

I Love Skateboarding / A Girl's Skate Video Length: 4 Min 

Featuring (in order of appearance) : Quinne Daniels, Paige Tobin, Evette Halitzka, Klara Kermoade, Kaiya Daniels, Briel Weingartner

Created by: @s1helmets & @girlisnota4letterword  Music: @VelourAcademy