​Concrete Waves | Australia’s First Invitational Comp

Tia Pitman - Death Drop

The concept of invitational comps in quad skating has been unexplored in the recent years and Chuffed Skates came together to work on this project to motivate Australian roller skaters to come together for a display of talent and competitiveness!

Hosted on November 4th, 2023, the competition brought together 30 skaters from all around Australia and New Zealand to an amazing event celebrating roller skating at the local talent.

Swaggyskates - Hot Dog Grind

The main purpose of this event was to showcase the most talented skaters in the area in a competition featuring two lines in the park qualifying their best line to pass to finals and a best trick with five attempts to add up.

Kyllah_mid.air - Ariel

What I found most interesting about this format is that you got the chance to mess up one run, which can’t happen on formats where falling takes points away from you. The motivation from all the skaters was there, and people were using the full course, showing off a high-level of technical tricks.

You can enjoy the entire contested streamed on the following link:


The results:

1st Place: Tia Pitman

2nd Place: Crooks

3rd Place: Pat Cummins

4th Place: Garry Manfroid

5th Place: Vashti Rufus-Wilson

There’s going to be a similar competition hosted by Chuffed in affiliation with Coven and DogDays Magazine September 6-8th! Stay tuned for more info about this event and more events to come in new locations, featuring the most talented skaters in their local areas.

We are so excited to see more of these contests in this format in the future, pushing the level of roller skating in multiple cities!

Ruby Doom - Downledge Fish

Photos by: @markzouroudis