Constant – JaQuan Owen's First Street Part!

We are stoked to introduce to you “Constant”, the first ever video part from JaQuan Owen aka @rollakqi . A video full of technical and smooth tricks, skills ranging from footwork, spins and long grinds on the streets of Austin, TX, and JaQuan’s unique take on roller skating!

For the last year, JaQuan has been part of the S1 crew, his interest in pushing the sport and incorporating technical and high-level skills makes his skating something unique and enjoyable! On this part, you will enjoy a mix of skill, energy and flow while we navigate and discover all the possibilities on 8 wheels!

Here’s a little chat we had with him to learn some more about the process on this piece:

Q: What motivated you to create your first street part?

A: I have a list of goals that I have set for myself that includes making various edits in different disciplines.

Q: How long did it take to record the clips for the video?

A: It took us 6 sessions so relatively 6 days.

Q: What was the most challenging spot/trick?

A: The acid true mizu switch up was the hardest and took the longest. I had tried it on another spot that was in the video but ended up going to the tricolor rail and got it.

Q: What was the hardest part of making the part?

A: Battling through various injuries including a tailbone injury I got filming my -the few- vert edit. As well as having to work and take care of my son while my wife was at military tech school.

Q: You have an extensive background on multiple wheel-disciplines, how does this influence your skate style?

A: It influences me a lot in how I’m able to see spots in different angles which if I only did one, I would only attack it with a single mind set.

Q: Your skating is as impressive as your mindset, what do you think of before hitting a new trick or spot?

A: I try not to think, I get way to anxious and frustrated. I take each spot as it comes, some days you’ll get something you want other days you could walk away with something different or nothing at all. Just gotta keep it pushin.

Q: Props to all the production team! We love to see how many people were involved in creating the part. How was it working with halftone/last supper?

A: It was a breeze, we honestly all had an idea of what this should look like and it made it easy. Also, shout out to Moco for the graphics and Karli for creating a platform.

Q: Are you already planning on the next part?

A: Yes, it’s already in my mind how I’m going to go about this next one it’s gonna have more than just street in it but I plan to turn it up and hopefully gonna have at least 3-6 to months of filming.

Shout out to @_halftonestudios for producing and editing this video, @skatefantom for being the platform to display it and of course JaQuan (@rollakqi) for putting so much of him on this video! We love to see how the community is working together from different places to create projects for everyone to enjoy.