Corey Walsh | S1 Lifer BMX Helmet

An interview with Corey Walsh. Corey rides for Vans, Cult, Ryder and Fast & Loose. He has been wearing the S1 Lifer Helmet for the past 5 years and swears it is the only helmet he will ride.

Where did you grow up?

Ontario Canada.

Tell me your bike story... (When you started, influences and most memorable sessions and highlights) 

So started riding when I was 5-6 years old.. Was a little grom at skateparks until I started Bmx racing when I was 7. Then that was my life until I retired from being a professional BMX racer to just ride BMX for fun of it, with no pressure from the Olympics or any competition .

It just took off from there. Been riding bikes, traveling, and living in my Van since then.

I’d have to say some of the most memorable times in my life have been traveling around the world with my crew        (Fast and Loose ) riding the Vans Pro Cup contests and going on trips with the Cult Crew dudes. Just getting to ride every skatepark we can find around the world, filming and having a good time.

I have always been influenced by anyone who has taken a simple approach to riding with less tricks and tons of style and aggression. But being fluid at the same time.

Guys like Mike Aitken, Chase Hawk, Joe Rich, Ruben Alcantara, Garrett Byrnes,..... the list goes on and on.

Personally I just love riding for the fun of it. Getting to travel and experience the world has been all I want to do with my bike. I’m lucky enough to be able to hangout with some of my best friends on a day to day basis and ride these little kids bikes. It’s pretty surreal.

That’s pretty much my life.

What have you been up to lately?

Currently dealing with a broken hand. But about a week away from riding again so excited to get back on my bike.

What are some things you love about riding your bike?

Honestly, it’s weird to say but it feels apart of me. Walking down the street feels more abnormal then peddling my bike.

Gives me a release from reality. I get to do what ever I want on it and can create feelings just from simple aspects of riding. It’s my Art-form. Don’t know where I would be without it.

How/when did you start wearing the S1 Lifer Helmet?

About 5 years ago. Only helmet I’ve rode. The only helmet that fits deep enough to not move around on your head all the time. Also the only one that looks normal in my opinion.

Top 3 Foods:

  1. Sushi
  2. Anything from Mother’s market.
  3. Indian food.

Top 3 Bands (Artists)

1) Limp Wrist

  1. Baptist’s
  2. Idles (currently)

Top 3 Books

  1. Pull Back Or Die
  2. Currents Zine
  3. Matt Hoffman The Ride Of My Life

Top 3 Movies

  1. Hot Rod
  2. Step Brothers
  3. Goonies

Favorite places you have traveled:

  1. Australia
  2. South Africa
  3. Switzerland

Top 3 Places you would like to travel to:

  1. Tokyo
  2. Gran Canaria
  3. China

"The S1 Lifer is the helmet I’ve rode. It is the only helmet that fits deep enough to not move around on your head all the time. Also the only one that looks normal in my opinion." - Corey Walsh 

check him out @walshcorey