Insanity Boardshop / S1 Dealer

Insanity Boardshop 6565 Babcock Rd #2, San Antonio, TX 78249 Tel: 210 332 5675  

What year did the shop open?  Nov 2012

What was the motivation behind opening a shop? My friends needed a safe place to buy longboards at. 

Do you strictly carry Skate or do you carry other stuff also? Clothing, hats, protection, longboards and other accessories

How would you break down your customers? Beginner, Repeat customer, Older getting back in and cruisers

Can you share a funny / crazy or cool story that has happened at the shop?I’ve got tons. One day I was relaxing and this guy walked in asking if I wanted to buy anything off of him. Apparently he was a pot dealer trying to sell some bud. I declined. Many more stories but hard to type out. Some are bad. Or how these 2 kids stole a truck and drove it through some huge rocks and a sign. Crashes out in the parking lot but could have come for the shop if it wasn’t for the rocks, sign.

What are your favorite things about owning a skateshop? Helping people find a reason to get out of the house for some time and having a smile on their face.