Interview: Andre Young

Andre Young  photo by @_glenn_joyce_

Where did you grow up and how old are you?

I grew up in Canada. Little town of Oakville in Ontario. I'm 20 years old.

Tell me your skate story ? (when you started,why, favorite sessions, favorite tricks, inspirations, why do you love skateboarding)

I started skating when I was 5 after seeing a young Lee Yanko boost over a giant gap right in front of me. Seeing how he effortlessly flew around the park made me wanna capture that same level of stoke in my own skating.

Some of my favourite sessions were with some of the old shell park locals. The dudes ripped and influenced me into the skater I am today.

Some of my favourite tricks besides inverts are tricks that flow and feel good when ya do em. Like a big ol backside ollie and smacking the tail on the way in. Finesse and power all in one.

Some of my biggest inspirations are Jeff Grosso, Neil Blender, Collin Mckay and recently Tas Pappas.

Why I love skateboarding is because you don't have some coach yelling at you to shoot the puck this way or dribble the ball faster...You just wake up and skate. It's all about self expression and riding your board the way you want.

What have you been up to lately?

Just skating harder then ever and living my best life.

Top 3 Foods



Some bomb mac n cheese.

Top 3 Bands




Top 3 People and Why

Moto Shibata- Met the dude and not only does he freaking shred but he's also very humble.

Jimmy Wilkins- Dude makes all tricks look far too easy.

Austin Barnes- The biggest bro that ever lived to bro. Just a rad dude to be around. Hung out with him and the boys when I went to florida to compete. BEST WEEKEND OF MY LIFE.

Top 3 Memories

1. Going to Disney world as a kid.

2. Landing my first nose grab 540

3. Turning pro and accomplishing my life long dream.

Top 3 Dreams / Goals

1.Hope to one day land a 900.

2.Tour around the world.

3.Have a backyard Vert ramp.

Top 3 Movies

1. The Conjuring 2

2. Scary Movie 2

3. Thor Ragnarok

Top 3 Favorite Places you have traveled to:

1.Disney World



Top 3 Places you would like to travel to:

1. Sweden

2. Russia

3. Black Pearl Skatepark in Grand Cayman