Interview : Carolina Hernandez

Carolina Hernandez

Where did you grow up?

I was born in Bogotá, Colombia and I've lived here all of my life. My parents came from a small town close to the Colombia-Venezuela border and decided to stablish their lifes here once they got married.

Tell me your skate story ?

I started skating at 16 years old, a friend got me into roller derby and I fell in love with roller skates, I joined my actual team Bogotá Bone Breakers back in 2011 and also joined the national team for the RDWC 2014 in Dallas. By then, I was a newbie into park skating, my friend Moonsun introduced me and we would go to the few parks that were built by then. We got to know Lady Trample and Estrojen and got lots of motivation to make roller skating a thing here in Colombia. We brought Chicks in Bowls and created our crew/brand Hell on Quads.

I've known amazing people through skating, and I am constantly inspired on many skaters I check around. Seeing all the different styles, energy and trick variations is something I really enjoy. I am influenced by Nick the medic, Indy Jamma Jones, Barbie, Havok and of course Colombian skaters who happen to be my friends as well! I think there's a different style depending on the city where you learned skating, so that uniqueness inspires me everyday. I think I like going fast, my style is not focused on gimnastics tricks, instead, I try to flow with the ramp.

My most memorable time while roller skating was making the Moxi - Anticlique Tour here in Colombia, this event brought a lot of skaters toguether, we would have sessions up to 4 hours of skating per day and the energy we shared was really intense! I would say the best session was the one at Vigas park, we took all of the park for ourselves and skated for 6 hours, the copying burn our hands and the sun hit on us really hard, but everyone was having such an awesome time! It was a blast.

What have you been up to lately?

I am currently working as a designer in an acoustics company, as I finish my studies as a Sound Engineer. Besides that, I give free ramp skating classes on thursday night at a skatepark near to my house, this keeps me knowing the comunity here and I have such a good time! I hope to keep helping people finding their space through skating.

For now, I'm focusing on my brand "Hell on Quads". We are putting togheter a team to make video parts and working locally with some collectives to make new roller skating events for the people in Bogotá/Colombia, also, we would like to make a huge event so more skaters overseas come and get to know the spots, culture and skating scene that's growing strong in our country.

Top 3 Foods

1 Burritos

2 Hamburguers

3 Sushi

Top 3 Bands

1 Gojira

2 Mastodon

3 Thy art is murder

Top 3 things your passionate about

1 Sharing what I know and learning from skaters around me

2 Designing theathers

3 Learning more about culture and history

Top 3 Activities

1 Traveling

2 Eating

3 Listening to music

Top 3 People

1 My family, they are great human beings and have always been there for me

2 My teammates, I've got my closest friends through skating, they saw me grow and keep my energy up everyday

2 Papayo, he's really commited to do things to change the world, is really inspiring

Top 3 Memories

1 Going to Chile with my team and earning second place at the Latin American tournament

2 Moxi and AnticliqueZine tour through Bogotá and Medellín

3 Roller Derby World Cup 2014

Top 3 Dreams / Goals

1 Travel and skate worldwide

2 Living in California

3 Being a full sponsored skater (someday!)

Top 3 Movies

1 Kill Bill

2 Whiplash

3 Rogue one

Top 3 Favorite Places you have traveled to:

1 Medellín

2 Santiago de Chile

3 Austin

Top 3 Places you would like to travel to:

1 California


3 Australia

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