Jim Gray | S1 Mega Lifer Skateboard Helmet

Jim Gray has been skating since the late 70's. He turned pro for G&S Skateboards in the 80's and after his Pro Career ended he started one of the largest skateboard manufacturing facilities in the industry. Pro skaters from that 80's era had a rep for being a bit over indulgent but Jim took his own path and kept the partying to a minimum and got married and had kids and started a business. "When I was a pro I was never considered the cool guy," he recollects," But, I was Ok with that because I just wanted to skate and I knew that all the partying the cool pros were doing was  not going to end well."  Jim is a true ambassador of skateboarding. His current business is called Inkgenda and it is a great place to order long lasting, high quality skate stickers. Jim's kids are all grown up. He loves skating and still carves (no pun intended) out time to skate on the regular. We are proud and honored to call Jim a friend and grateful he loves wearing our S1 Lifer Helmet. He wears the the Mega Lifer because he has a bigger head (no pun intended). Skate for life !   follow him on instagram @grayslide