New !!! S1 E-Bike Helmet (NTA 8776 Certified)

Style:  S1 Retro E-Bike Helmet  

Colors: Black Matte 

Size: 52 — 60 cm (ie: 20.5” - 23.5”) 

X-Small: 20.5", Small 21", Medium 21.5", Large 22", X-Large 22.5", 2XL 23", 3XL 23.5"

Trademark:  S1®

Product Description:  Helmet for S-EPAC cyclists

About: The S1 Retro E-Bike Helmet is certified to the new NTA 8776 standard and is rated for speeds up to 28 mph. The S1 Retro Lifer E-Helmet fits the same as other Lifer Helmets but it has a thicker Fusion Foam layer in order to pass the NTA 8776 certification. The thicker Fusion Foam helps disperse and dissipate impact energy for speeds up to 28 mph.


Lightweight, ventilated, easy to put on and take off, fits deep on the head, is usable with spectacles, does not significantly interfere with the ability of the user to hear traffic noise, good field of vision, gives protection to the forehead, rear, sides, temples and crown of the head, and meets/exceeds the testing parameters for NTA 8776 certification standards.


NTA 8776

Rated for up to 28 mph speeds

Full Name: NTA 8776

Description: Safety and compliance testing for NTA 8776 Helmets for S-EPAC Riders

ASTM F 1492

Rated for up to 10 mph speeds

Full name: ASTM F-1492-15

Description: Safety compliance testing for ASTM F-1492-15 Helmets used for skateboarding and trick roller skating.

CPSC 1203

Rated for up to 14 mph speeds

Full Name: CPSC 16 CFR 1203

Description: Safety and compliance testing for CPSC 16 CFR 1203 Bicycle Helmets

Also certified to: CE En 1078, AUS 2063.

What is an S-EPAC Rider? 


S: Speed

E: Electronically

P: Power

A: Assisted

C: Cycle

Under the regulation, S-EPAC bicycles (or scooters, skateboards) include those with an auxiliary electric motor that assists the rider with additional power and allows the user to pedal up to a maximum speed of 28 mph (45 km/h) 

Speed Protection: Up to 28 mph (45 km/h) For Use: Class 3 e-Vehicle, Electric Bike, Electric Skateboard, Electric Scooter, Skateboard, Roller Skates, Bicycles, Scooters, One Wheel.

What is the best helmet for riding e-bikes?

"If you are riding an electric bike S1 highly recommends you use an NTA 8776 Certified helmet. The S1 Retro Lifer E-Bike Helmet fits like a skate/bike helmet but is constructed with thicker Fusion Foam so it passes the NTA 8776 Certification and helps protect up to 28 mph." - Dan from S1 Helmets 

"If you use a bicycle helmet for a powered vehicle traveling 20 mph (32 kph) or more, you are taking a greater risk than most unpowered bicyclists that the helmet will not be adequate for the type of crash you should expect. For reasons explained below we recommend a light motorcycle helmet or at least a helmet meeting the Dutch NTA 8776 ebike helmet standard. For low speed powered scooters, CPSC recommends a bicycle helmet.” - Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute

"A bike helmet provides some protection in any crash, but not enough for a powered vehicle consistently traveling at 20 mph and higher. You are taking a greater risk than a pedal cyclist that the helmet will not be adequate for the type of crash you should expect. For a 28MPH ebike it would probably make sense to consider a light motorcycle helmet. There are lots of them to choose from at your local motorcycle dealer, or you can find them on the web. At a minimum your helmet should be certified to the Dutch NTA 8776 standard, the only one specifically for ebikes.” - Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute

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