Nicolas Dela Cruz / Grom Interview

Name: Nicolas Dela Cruz    

Age: 11

Where do you live? Bensalem, PA

When did you start skating? September 8, 2020. It was covid time, and all team sports were canceled. I used to play soccer, baseball, and basketball but now it's 100% skateboarding.

Why did you start? I was watching a video of someone playing Skate 3 and it looked fun. My sister had a skateboard she hadn’t used in a while and I tried it. I thought I’d just use it to roll around the neighborhood but it got fun and I kept skating.

What tricks have you been most stoked on learning/ landing?

Recently, I’ve been learning new rail tricks and becoming consistent with them, especially back 50 50s. I’m always stoked to land anything down rail since I’m more of a ledge, hubba, and stair set skater.

Why do you like skating? I like skating because it gives me challenges and obstacles to overcome, and when I overcome those challenges it gives me a sense of accomplishment and achievement. It taught me that it’s OK to fail and not give up. It helped me be a little confident at school and take on challenges.

Any plans for 2024? In 2024, I want to keep progressing and push myself towards harder tricks. I’m hoping to keep doing competitions and I hope to do one of the AM contests.

What is your current set up?

Board: (dimensions): Sandlot Times size 8.0 board

Trucks: (brand / dimensions): Ishod Wair Hollow Lights size 147

Bearings: Bones swiss

Wheels: E squared Skate Co wheels

check out Nic on Insta ....  @nicdelacruzin 

Nicolas wears the S1 Lifer Helmet Color: Red Glitter