Online E-Bike Safety Course (Free)

The California Highway Patrol posted a great link to an online E-Bike Safety Course and it is a great way for kids to learn the rules of the road and provides some helpful riding tips. It covers the essentials like:

1) Make sure to stop at Stop signs.

2) Make sure to signal Left or Right when turning.

3) Avoid group think when riding in groups ie: don't go just because your friends say "Clear" - you have to look for yourself because it might be clear for your friend but not clear by the time you get there. 

4) Don't tailgate the rider in front of you or a car in front of you. Give the rider or car in front plenty of space (the 2.5 second rule that you learn in driving school) so you don't ride into the back of a sudden braking car or van.

A lot of kids are getting E-Bikes today and they don't really know the rules of the road and this training class can really help an eager young rider learn a few things before they get out onto the streets.

So grab your laptop, sit on the couch next to your kid and read an watch the tutorial together!!!!

"One thing that was missing is in the tutorial is to remind kids to be aware of cars backing up out of parking spots and driveways - I tell my boys it is ok to take over the road for a little bit then to be riding on the right edge side of the road and risk having a car back out of a blind parking spot or blind driveway." said Chris Terins, parent and owner of S1 Helmets.

If you are going to ride an E-Bike make sure you get a good helmet that fits well. We recommend the S1 Retro Lifer E-Helmet which is NTA 8776 Certified for e-bikes up to 28mph but the original S1 Lifer Helmet (which is CPSC 1203 Bike Certified) works great also. 

Above Dan McCashin, one of the Co-Founders of S1 Helmets, rockin the S1 Retro Lifer E-Helmet (with Visor) 

"E-Bikes are so RAD and have changed the game for transportation but if we expect our kids, who don't even have drivers licenses, to know and understand the rules of the road and ride safely we are making a huge mistake and putting them at serious risk." - Dan McCashin / S1 Helmets

Above Chris (CT) Terins, Co-Founder of S1 Helmets, lifelong skateboarder and designer of the S1 Lifer Helmet.

"If kids on e-bikes know the rules of traffic and the road - it will help keep them a little safer." - Chris Terins / S1 Helmets

Great Fit + Certified Protection = S1 Lifer Helmet


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