Roller Skater: Barbie Patin | I Love Roller Skating Video and Interview

We caught up with Barbie Patin while she was in San Diego recently and asked her a few questions before she threw down some smooth lines in the park. Check out her edit above and for those of you who like to read the interview is below!

1) What is your name and where are you from?

My Name is Barbie Luciana @barbiepatin. I’m from Argentina but half the year I spend in Barcelona, Spain and when I can, United States in Long Beach or San Diego to visit my friends and also skate.

2) What is your roller skating story? How did you find or start roller skating?

I started roller skating when I was 5 years old doing figure skating but then at 19 years old I got to know ramp skating. I saw some videos of some girls and I also met people who practiced the sport in Argentina and they were the ones who first started in the sport on ramps and then I wanted to try street skating and I loved it too!

3) What do you love about roller skating?

What I love most about roller skating is the feeling of self-improvement and sharing the session with my friends. The essence of roller skating is having fun and self-improvement and I never want to forget this because this is why I started roller skating.

4) What is your S1 set up? What S1 gear does you rock and why do you dig it?

Whenever I go skate transition I choose my S1 Lifer Helmet because it make me feel safe on transition and also when I want to learn a new trick in the street. So yeah, the Lifer is my favorite helmet and I love the Lifer Checker design. I have it in several colors in fact, white, black and now I am rocking it in hot pink gloss and it feels so comfortable!

Barbie is rocking the Lifer Hot Pink Gloss Checkers in the video and the Lifer Black Matte Checkers and Retro Park Knee Pads in the photos.