S1 Lifer Helmet : #1 Skate Helmet

Wow and wow. The S1 Lifer Helmet has earned a reputation as the best fitting and most protective skate helmet in the world!  Trusted by the pros. Quality counts. Ask for S1 at your local skate / bike shop and check out the colors here S1 Helmet Color Selection

Skateboarding  @s1helmets

Lance Mountain

Eric Dressen

Peter Hewitt

Darren Navarrette

Heimana Reynolds

Alex Perelson

Minna Stess

Gavin Bottger

Doug Saladino

Eddie Elguera

Lonny Hiramoto

and more…

Roller Skate  @s1rollerskate

Sara Helena (Bomba Hache)

Barbara Luciana (Barbie Patin)

Silvia Kambouridis (@silvkam)

JaQuan Owen (@rollakqi)

Tia Pitman (Steezy.t)

Marea Revuelta

Alexandra Londoño (@moonsunwitch_)

Leo Clark (@Bantam)

Thais (France) (@Thaisonewheels)

Caro Hernandez

Loren Mutch

Rollerderby  @s1rollerderby

Loren Mutch

Miracle Whips

Scald Eagle

Roller Derby Teams

Denver Roller Derby

Arch Rival Roller Derby

Scoot  @s1scoot

Clayton Lindley

Will Cashion

Raymond Warner

Chris Farris

Rich Zelinka

and more..

BMX  @s1helmets_bmx

Boyd Hilder

Morgan Wade

Gary Young

Corey Walsh

and more….

About S1 : S1 is a global helmet brand rooted in California’s rich Skateboarding, Longboarding, BMX, Scoot, Roller

Skate and Roller Derby culture. S1’s unrelenting approach to the elevation of safety, style and quality in

it’s product has earned the brand a renowned position in the helmet and pad market. S1 designs and

markets protective gear through Skate, Scoot and Bike specialty retailers throughout the world. S1 is 

independently owned and operated. Keepin' things real... real safe! :)

Dealer Inquiries: If you own a skate or bike shop and want to stock S1 Lifer Helmet email dan@s1helmets.com