S1 Pro Knee Pads - Adult, Youth & Kid

S1 Pro Knee Pads 

Adult Sizes:

XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL , 3Xl


One Size (over 65 lbs)


One Size (under 65 lbs) )

Pro Skaters that wear the S1 Pro Knee Pads:

Peter Hewiit, Darren Navarrette, Heimana Reynolds, Lonny Hiramoto, Bennett Harada, AJ Nelson, Wyatt Hammond

and more.....

"In my opinion S1 Pads are the best in the business. Not to mention how great the people behind it are. True heart. True Soul. True Greatnesss. True Quality." - Darren Navarrette

Darren Navarrette Photo: J. Grant Brittain

Anna (photo above) 

Age: 8 

Weight: 45 lbs 

Wears the S1 Pro Knee Size: Kid

Myles (photo above)

Age: 7 

Weight: 60lbs 

Wears the S1 Pro Knee Pads Size: Kid



Weight: 80-85lbs  

Wears the S1 Pro Knee Pads Size: Youth

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