S1 RAD Liners - Impact Reducing Sizing Liners

As the leader in the protective gear industry we are constantly looking at ways we can improve the safety, quality and function of our products.

Seeing the progression of athletes and riders pushing the limits in their respective disciplines, we knew that we needed to step up our product innovation to meet the need of added impact protection.

S1 Helmets are already the best in the industry in quality and impact reduction so we started looking at how we could evolve and improve the function and purpose of our sizing liners.

This idea brought us to the creation of the S1 RAD Liner which is the next evolution in helmet impact reduction.

S1 RAD Liners have changed the single purpose of a traditional sizing liner, which was to size the helmet to fit your head, and not only made it a sizing liner but also a sweat absorber and impact reducer.

S1 RAD Liners feature our proprietary special blend of foam we call RAD Foam which Reduce, Absorb and Disperse impact energy away from the head when impacted.

Lab tests show that depending on the impact RAD Liners reduced impact energy an additional 7.5% to 16.5% averaging a 12% energy reduction to the head in all liners tested.

RAD Liners are sized just like our standard sizing liners and fit into all S1 Lifer Helmets and are covered in a sweat absorbing, hand washable terry cloth fabric.

S1 RAD Liners are next level protection.

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