As we all know, roller skating is growing at a fast pace, and the more we look for inspiration on social media, we find few skaters that rip wearing helmets. That´s why we wanted to share some of our favorite roller skaters that rock S1 gear on their posts constantly: each one wears their helmets to feel safe and confident in their movements and as you’ll see they rip!!!

This is just a reminder than taking care of your brain is badass and radical!!

1.Mud (https://instagram.com/insectxcide/

We recently did an interview with Mud, check it out! They are a young multi-talented skater bringing gymnastics and skiing moves to roller skating with an unique style. Definitely a must follow for tech tricks.2.RIB (https://www.instagram.com/ribletrollfriday/ )

Full speed skater and a total sender, Rib is always throwing her body full speed at the biggest bowls and coolest skateparks. She makes good use of her protective gear and her skating is stunning.3.JaQuan (https://www.instagram.com/rollakqi/ )

His jam skating background and experience in a good amount of other sports, JaQuan is the most complete quad skater you will see: smooth flat ground moves, high airs at any feature, insane flow and creativity: you’ll witness things you never thought were doable on 8 wheels.4.Tia Pitman (https://www.instagram.com/steeez.t/ )

Recently turned pro by Chuffed Skates, Tia’s gymnastics background and determination shines through her skating! A powerhouse that shreds bowls with speed, ease and control, flips with great power and also kills it at street features like +10 stairs rails. She’s the kindest and most welcoming skater and her presence online is really true to herself!5.Bomba (https://www.instagram.com/bomba_hache/ ) Blessing our feeds constantly with her unique and explosive style, Bomba is always wearing protective gear and ripping with full speed, spinning and grinding with a distinctive flow! She has been in the game for a really long time and keeps going with the same passion and intensity!6.Katja (https://www.instagram.com/kateskatess/

Also recently interviewed on our blog, Katja is a really passionate skater from Slovenia that’s traveling and coaching around Europe. Her flow is technical and clean, long grinds and smooth park riding. She wore her helmet fully on her recent part and it was refreshing to many new skaters to feel encouraged to be badass while wearing protective gear.7.Ayana (https://www.instagram.com/made2sk8/ )

Young Ripper from Hawaii! You’ll see her progressing at a fast pace while landing tricks many are too afraid to try! Her joy and love for skating shows and we can’t wait to see how she keeps growing along with roller skating!

@kitfurderer photog