Wyatt Hammond's Sandlot Part : Crazy 8

The "Crazy 8" video is all of Wyatt's best skate footage from the past year.

And Wyatt turned 9 yesterday (And yes the helmet is staying on. More on that from Mom- see below)

Wyatt is GNARLY and that is just one of the reason's Sheckler is backing this young prodigy.

The music is by Urethane (Pennywise frontman Jim Lindberg / Legendary Pro Skater Steve Caballero) 

Wyatt wears the S1 Mini Lifer Helmet and S1 Pro Knee Pads Size Youth. (the youth pro pads are not on the market yet - Wyatt has had the only pair) 

3 Questions for Jenny Hammond (Wyatt's Mom) 

How did you find time to make this video?

It’s definitely not an easy task to stack clips with our families hectic schedule but on weekends where I’m not coaching soccer games, we pack the car up and head out as a family. It’s pretty special to have the entire family go out together, hop a fence, get a clip, celebrate it and then head to find some restaurant that was on the food network (big foodies so always try and find something new!)

What was the craziest or funniest moment during filming?

Wyatt said his craziest or funniest moment from filming the part was when he was on tour in Colorado and David Reyes was driving the team van and pulled over to get ice cream at Little Man’s Ice Cream and a massive thunder storm broke out and everyone bailed leaving Michael Custodio and Wyatt drenched but Wyatt said it was well worth it because the ice cream was amazing… the new rule of the team van is if you want ice cream you get out and get it yours.

Have you had any skate industry pressure to take the helmet off?

There has been some questions from the industry on how we feel about a helmet for Wyatt and if we will consider him to take off his helmet but from all the research and data that is out there on brain development and mental health, we aren’t willing to risk stifling his development to look a certain way.