S1 Helmet Co. Fit Kit

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Not sure about your helmet size? Get an "S1 Helmet Co. Fit Kit" and eliminate the guessing.

You'll get 7 different thickness of sizing liners so you can fit your S1 Helmet perfectly today; and if your head grows in the near future!

Size: X Small- XXX Large included in fit kit. 

The Fit Kit also includes a 2mm top pad to lower the helmet toward, and a 6mm top pad to raise the helmet from, the ears.

FIT KIT sizes all S1 Lifer Series shells!

(S1 Mini Lifer Helmets 19" - 20.5")

(S1 Lifer Helmets 21" - 23.5")

(S1 Mega Lifer Helmet 24" - 25.5")



4 Reviews

Mickey 28th May 2020


Hello! I ordered these for my watermelon s1 helmet and they came very quickly. Which is great because i was so ready to wear the helmet and feel protected! Idk if they were in the properly labeled bags, they might have been, but the color coding is what made sense to me. Im really glad my helmet fits properly and im stocked up on liners! Definitely recommend. Make sure your helmet fits properly!!!!

Nate 19th Sep 2019

S1 Fit Kit

It's great to have, especially with a helmet that you can't try before you buy. Even after measuring my head and using the sizing chart, I found out I was 2 sizes too small so the kit definitely helped. Also helps later along the line when you get haircuts that may change the overall fitting of the helmet on your head.

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