S1 Helmet Co. Fit Kit

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Not sure about your helmet size? Get an "S1 Helmet Co. Fit Kit" and eliminate the guessing.

You'll get all 7 different thickness of sizing liners so you can fit your S1 Helmet perfectly today and if your head grows in the future.  

Size: XSmall- XXX Large included in fit kit. 

FIT KIT sizes all S1 Lifer Series shells!

(S1 Mini Lifer Helmets 19" - 20.5")

(S1 Lifer Helmets 21" - 23.5")

(S1 Mega Lifer Helmet 24" - 25.5")



2 Reviews

Albert 1st May 2019

S1 Fit Kit

Agree with the comment, this kit is a must for a perfect fit. You can play around and use different foams for a "custom" fit if you'd like. For the price of the helmet though they should just throw it in else add a couple dollars to the helmet. Either way, it should just be included.

Rico 28th Feb 2018

Fit all kit

It's a must if you are buying a helmet for the first time like I did. I measured correctly and ordered the right size helmet but it wasn't quite a perfect fit, luckily I got the Fit All Kit and now it's a snug perfect fit. Very comfortable.

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