S1 Helmet Wide Terry Cloth Liner

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New wider design for more more sweat absorbing coverage.

Replace your S1 Lifer Helmet Sizing Liners with some fresh, durable, washable and sweat absorbing Terry Liners.

The S1 Lifer Terry Liner is a sewn terry cloth replacement sizing liner for the Lifer Helmet.  The terry cloth is sewn onto the liner, sealed at the ends and covers the front and back of the liner making it more durable allowing it to not break down as fast as the standard Lifer sizing liners. 

The terry cloth also helps absorb sweat and is washable. We recommend rinsing the Terry Liner under cold running water with or without light soap, wringing them out and air drying them.

The sizing of the S1 Lifer Terry Liner is exactly the same as our standard liners and are compatible with all of our Lifer Helmet Shells including our standard Lifer, Mini Lifer and Mega Lifer. For a complete breakdown of our helmet sizing go to our Pick A Helmet Page.

One set of Terry Liners come with a back and front sizing liner and Velcro to attach the liner to the helmet.

*** Installation Note *** 

If you are adding these terry liners into a helmet that you have already worn please wash the contact points wear you plan to place the new Velcro with a wet cloth to wipe away any sweat residue that may have built up on the surface of the inner helmet shell.  Doing this will ensure that the Velcro will stick firmly to the inner shell.




10 Reviews

tOm 'gNaRLy' vArLey 19th Nov 2021

HUGE Improvement Over Standard Liner!

If you're prone to sweating when you skate, then definitely pick up a set of these liners! Yes, there is a slight cost difference between the standard and terry cloth liners - and being just a few bucks more, these terry cloth liners are worth springing for. For starters, they do as advertised: absorb the sweat (and I sweat when I skate); secondly, they are way more comfortable and the fit and comfort of the helmet is improved. Taking those two factors into consideration...do yourself a favor and replace the liners in your helmet immediately!

Troy 26th Aug 2020

terry cloth liner

Awesome upgrade from the standard liners. I absolutely love my S1 lifer helmet.

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