S1 Lifer Helmet Sizing Liner


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Replace your S1 Lifer Helmet Sizing Liners with some fresh ones! The S1 Lifer Helmet Sizing Liners are replacement front and back pads for the S1 Lifer helmets.  These Liners are compatible with all of our Lifer Helmet Shells including our standard Lifer, Mini Lifer and Mega Lifer. For a complete breakdown of our helmet sizing go to our Pick A Helmet Page.

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Ashley 20th Sep 2017


They were inexpensive and did the job! Just needed to do some resizing. Worked perfect. Will definitely order again when they get sweaty and gross.

22nd Jun 2017

best helmet ive ever owned

I usually hate wearing helmets but the s1 lifer is comfortable and doesn't look bad at all

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