S1 Mega Lifer Helmet - Purple Matte

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The S1 Mega Lifer Helmet is fully certified to help protect against multiple low impacts and single high impacts.

S1 Mega Lifer Helmet Specs:

• Bigger Shell Size to Accommodate People with Bigger Heads
• Specially Formulated EPS Fusion Foam
• Certified Multi-Impact (ASTM)
• Certified High Impact (CPSC)
• 5x More Protective Than Regular Skate Helmets
• Deep Fit Design

The S1 Mega Lifer Helmet is one of the best fitting and safest helmets for Skateboarding, Longboarding, BMX, Scootering, Roller Skating and Roller Derby. The Mega Lifer Helmet uses a specially formulated EPS Fusion Foam which allows it to protect your head from multiple low force impacts as well as high impacts. The Mega Lifer Helmet is a certified "multi-impact" helmet and is up to 5x more protective than the soft foam non-certified helmets.  The Mega Lifer Helmet is a break through design combining the added safety of a CPSC and ASTM certified helmet with the comfort and fit of a non-certified helmet. The S1 Mega Lifer Helmet is the best fitting High impact and Multiple Impact helmet on the market.

7 Reviews

Sinna 12th Oct 2021

Love the Purple Mega

It's really hard to find helmets that fit my husbands large head. It's awesome that you make these and that there is room for him to get just the right fit and not default to the largest size. You had something called like the "Big Head" before and that one was good, but this one is great. It's much improved over that model. Even though it doesn't come in many colors, purple is his favorite so that worked out. We had to buy 2 helmets since he uses one for cycling and one for roller skating and after forgetting to grab it once we just have one with each set of gear, solves the forgotten helmet issue. Safety is important!

Hector 22nd May 2021

Sweet Head Gear for Big Head

I've been struggling to find a helmet that would be a good fit given those that I have tried out (Protec, Triple Eight, etc.) do not have the right measurement to fit my head. I was so stoked that I got referred to this site and found the most awesome fit with the Mega Lifer, totally shredding the park in it the day it arrived. Hope they expand the palette in more colors, like orange, or cyan.

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