S1 Retro Lifer Helmet Cheek Pads

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These are replacement cheek pads for the S1 Retro Lifer Helmet.  All Retro Lifer Helmets come standard with 20mm removable cheek pads. If you own an S1 Retro Lifer Helmet and you feel that the standard 20mm cheek pads are too thick and you would like some more room around your face then the 15mm cheek pads are what you need. If the 20mm cheek pads are to thin then the 25mm cheek pads will tighten the Retro Lifer on your cheeks. 

 There are 2 generations of the Retro Lifer with different cheek pad mounting. 

Please call 310-464-8179 or email info@s1helmets.com if you need help discerning what generation your Retro Lifer Helmet is. 


2 Reviews

Alexander Ding 5th Apr 2021

Easier to slip on!

With the original 20mm pads I felt overly packed in. I have a feeling this Summer will be hot and my Gen 1 Matte Black Retro Lifer is going to be a heat magnet. I got the cheek pads and at first I thought they wouldn't fit. You have to examine how the original ones are put in. The pads kind of lay packed on the edge, but the buttons really hold the cheek pad to the helmet. So go ahead and mash them into the sockets. Just make sure you got the right cheek pads to match your helmet Generation.

Mike Czech 21st Jun 2020

Live this helmet!!

Glad I ordered the smaller size with my first ever full cut helmet. Both sizes fit me just fine but I live and skate in Orlando, FL and the thinner pads help the helmet be just a little less hot.

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