S1 Youth Pro Knee Pad - Wyatt Hammond


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S1 Youth Pro Knee Pad 

Size: Youth (65 lbs + ) One size 

Color: Wyatt Hammond Colorway (Blue, Pink, Green) 



• Streamlined Pad Design Scaled Down 

• Scaled Down Version of the Pro Knee to Fit Youth

• Impact Absorbing Inner Knee Cup with High and Mid Density Foam for

  Shock Absorption on Impact

• Triple Stitch Construction at Seams for Extra Strength

• Articulated Butterfly Back Flaps for Secure Fit to Prevent Slipping and Increased Mobility

• High Abrasion Replaceable PC Knee Cap with Ultra Flat Surface for Stability.

• Perfect Length Locking Adjustment Top Straps


"When S1 asked me to create my own colorway for the new S1 Youth Pro Knee Pad I wanted it to be meaningful so I chose my 3 power words; Love, Courage and Focus.

To conquer new tricks and face fears I use Power Words. I used power words to help motivate, encourage and push me to chase my dreams.

Pink means love for skateboarding, Green means courage which you always need in skateboarding because it is not always easy. And Blue for focus - one of the most important things in skateboarding is focus (so that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to).

So that is the meaning behind the pad. I hope you like the pads! “- Wyatt Hammond