Gen 4.5 Pro Inner Knee Cup Replacement - 40mm Thickness


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S1 Pro Knee Pad GEN 4.5 inner foam replacements for all sizes.

If your knee pads are feeling like they are not absorbing as much impact as they did when you first got then you can replace the inner foam to give them some new bounce!

The Gen 4.5 S1 Pro Knee inner foam is thoughtfully designed with maximum shock absorption in mind. The Gen 4.5 Pro Knee pad fits in the same shell as all previous generation of S1 Pro Knee pads. 

The Gen 4.5 inner foam is 40mm thick. Gen 4.5 is streamlined and lightweight like the Gen 4 but Gen 4.5 offers more from padding.

 • Impact Absorbing Inner Knee Cup with Memory Foam for Form Fitting Comfort 

 • Shock Absorption and Stability on Impact 

 • Set of two Inner Knee Cups included