Arianna Carmona Interview

Name: Arianna Carmona

Where were you born? And where do you live now?...

I was born in Anaheim, Ca and I have been living in Buena Park, Ca my whole life!

When / how/ why did you start skating? ...

I first learned how to ride a skateboard at the age of 6. My aunt and older sister were skating at the time (my mom used to skate when she was younger too) and so they taught me how. Even before that though, they would ride around with me sitting at the front of a longboard.

What are some of your earliest/ favorite memories of skateboarding? ….

Some of my earliest memories are skating at the Vans indoor skatepark at the block before they remodeled it. I remember being so tiny and looking up at the vert ramp, but at this point I was still learning how to drop in on small stuff so I wasn't quite there yet, and the park was remodeled before I ever got the chance ): . I also remember going to this mothers day skate event every year at the skatepark in Laguna. Living so close to the combi, I skated there a lot so often times I would run into pros and they were always so nice and encouraging to me, which is so beneficial to a young child so that meant a lot to me.

What are some of your favorite or most memorable sessions or skate related experiences from the last few years? ….

One of my favorite memories (although not super recent) was when I finally learned to rock to fakie the deep end of combi, and Grosso was there (RIP) and I remember him being jealous because he said he couldn't do that, but also super proud of me.

As far as favorite session goes, I would have to say skating at Vert Attack in Sweden. Even though it's a contest, the whole week leading up to it is basically like a giant session, and you can really feel the love of vert around you. It's one of the best contests in my opinion.

What have you been up to lately? ….

Lately I have been skating Vans Hb pretty much everyday since it's reopened. I usually go to San Diego on the weekends though to get a change of skatepark. When I'm not skating, I like to play tennis, play with my niece and nephew, and spending lots of time with my boyfriend's new puppy.

What’s in store for 2022? (new parks? new tricks your working on? skating?/contests? ) ….

I actually don't really know what's in store for 2022 to be honest lol. I'm really hoping to skate the new park that just opened out in La Quinta with the new mini combi, but that might have to wait till after summer since it's gonna be so hot out there. Maybe this year I can even make it out to the Slo Skatepark finally. As of right now I'm not sure of what contests are on the horizon, but I'm sure something will come up soon. For new tricks, that one's a secret (;

What are your Top 3 ?

Foods: Any mexican food, chik fil a, pho

Things you enjoy when your not skating: Surfing, tennis, reading

Dreams / Goals: I never know how to answer this one other than to say that my goal is to always make choices that will make me happy

Movies: Another tough question because I am very indecisive. Any Marvel movie, any Adam Sandler movie, most horror movies

Books: What Happened to Monday, Hurt Go Happy, and most poetry books. A lot of the books I read anyways are mystery, have to do with ghosts, or are kind of sad because I think they're the most powerful.

Places you would like to visit someday: Italy, France, Alaska

What is your current set up? (dims / dimensions)

I skate an 8.5

Skate Deck: Krooked

Trucks: Independent (149)

Wheels: Bones (58)

Bearings: Bronson

Grip: Assholes Live Forever (;

Helmet: S-One duhhhh

Shoes: Vans

Arianna wears an S1 Lifer Helmet.