Lonny Hiramoto

Where did you grow up?

When I was about 7 I lived in Santa Monica then Culver City then ended up in the South Bay but in all that I’m still trying to grow up lmao

Tell me your skate story (when you started, early influences and sessions):

Well my biggest influence was definately Shogo Kubo because he used to hang out with my sister (lol never thought I would be talking about that) anyways he used to let me play with his skateboard so I guess it started there.

And as for sessions there was so many...Marina Del Ray, Back yard pools and Runway Skatepark and Jakes Ramp but if I had to choose.,I would have to say it was back in Phoenix at High Roller Skatepark. And we were practicing for the contest it was Shogo Kubo ,Jay Adams ,George Wilson and Jimmy Plummer. It was a sick sesh airing out the pipe and grinding and wheeling that tomb stone with those guys.

What have you been doing lately?

I’m 54 years old so a big thanks to my girl Kimi, who has been helping me with my diet and my physical conditioning. And dabbling with making some brackets and jewelry stuff as a side thing lmao.

Been trying to skate as much as possible and feeling as healthy as possible has taking a good turn on everything.

Top 3 Foods

1) sushi

2) all junk foods

3) sashimi

Top 3 Bands

1) Led Zeppelin

2) Cars

3) Common Kings

Top 3 things your passionate about

1) Skateboarding

2) living healthy

3) spending time with my girl

Top 3 Activities

1) making these brackets

2) going on walks or skating with my girl

3) practicing skateboarding

Top 3 People

1) Hosoi

2) Kasai

3) Harada

Top 3 memories

1) taking 1st place at runway Pepsi challenge contest

2) and having my son Kalani

3) getting with Kimi

Top 3 dreams / goals

1) that I could do a 540

2) to start another business

3) get settled for life with my girl Kimi

Top 3 books

1) Bible

2) battle fields of the mind

3) 5 love languages

Top 3 Movies

1) Point Break

2) All Rocky’s Movies

3) All of Bruce Lee Movies

Top 3 favorite places you have traveled to:

1) Japan

2) Okinawa

3) Hawaii

Top 3 places I want to travel to:

1) New Zealand

2) Australia

3) Spain