Minna Stess Interview

Where / were you born?


And where do you live now?

Petaluma, CA

When / how/ why did you start skating?

My brother started skating when he around 4 or 5. I wanted to do what he was doing at all times so at around 2 I started crawling around on a board and following him around the skatepark.

What are some of your earliest/ favorite memories of skateboarding?

Dropping the mega ramp when I was 8 years old. I remember being scared but also not and that feeling is really cool.

What are some of your favorite or most memorable sessions or skate related experiences from the last few years?

ROTO NHS skate trip with all this insane female skaters including Nora Vasconcellos, Marbie Miller, Poe Pinson, Fabiana Delfino and many more.

What have you been up to lately?

Just came back from ROTO trip which was 10 days. Which was basically my first real skate trip. Being in the van and going to spots everyday and just hanging out with some of my favorite skaters.

What’s in store for 2022? (new parks? new tricks you're working on? skating?/contests? )

Some Olympic qualifiers coming up, there is one in October in Rio. WOF in Seattle in September will be a fun one. Exposure is also in October I believe as well. I also want to film a lot this year and hopefully make a couple minute part. But also focus on progressing for contests but I really want to film a lot more and skate more street stuff.

Why do you love skateboarding?

Because there is so much to do. If you get sick of a trick or something you can move on and do a million other things. The community as well, just meeting new people is really fun and the skate community has definitely helped with my social skills as a person. Learning new tricks and eating shit. Eating shit when you are really going for something.

What are your Top 3 ?



Bluphoria yerba mate? does that count as a food haha

Bacon, egg and cheese which I am eating right now while typing this.

Things you enjoy when you're not skating:

Watching skate vids that hype up

Hanging out with my dog.

Hanging with friends on a rainy day.

Not much else honestly, everything I do basically relates to skating.

Dreams / Goals:

Olympics Paris 2024

Film a full video part

Go pro in the future


I don’t remember the last time I read a book I can’t sit and read I have to be moving

Places you would like to visit someday:

Paris, I’ve always wanted to visit France even before the Olympics

Probably Spain again

I don’t know literally anywhere besides Wyoming

Skate Gear:

Deck: Santa Cruz 8.5

Trucks: Independent Hollows 149

Wheels: Bones Wheels V* Wide Cut

Bearings: Bronson Raws

Grip: Mob Grip

Shoes: Vans

Helmet: S1 Lifer Helmet Color: Purple Matte