Ron Allen stopped by the S1 warehouse !

Ron Allen is a great person and played a big part in the progression of street skating in the 80's (H-Street days) Ron has been skating on a pro level for the last 30 years and is currently operating skate schools in Florida. Ron was out visiting Jim Gray and they stopped by the S1 Warehouse to say hello, talk story and to pick up some helmets. Ron has alot hair so he wears the S1 Mega Lifer Helmet.

Interview with Ron Allen (@ronallensk8)

Where did you grow up?

Born in Jacksonville Florida squid kid dad was in the navy! Grew up in Visalia CA.

Tell me your skate story (when you started, early influences and sessions):

Organized a sk8 contest in junior high and didn’t have a board! Before that 5 of us used to share a board! My homie Pete used to sneak into the wood shop next to his house and make boards for me. They were kinda like “Logan earth skis” Used to go up to three rivers to sk8 the pool before ever going to parks! We also found a 17 foot deep pool in Tulare that really influenced my sk8ing! Plus hella trips to Orange County with Obradovich!

What have you been up to lately?

Currently getting over two broken ankles feeling better everyday! Still more rehabbing to go getting ready to get my sk8 schools going in Florida. Looks like I’m having them at every break!  

Top 3 Foods

1 burritos

2 garlic mashed potatoes

3 salad and chicken or pulled pork

Top 3 Bands

1 Organized Konfusion

2 Showbiz & AG

3 Firehose

Top 3 things your passionate about

1 music

2 skateboarding

3 art

Top 3 Activities

1 sk8ing

2 walks to look at sunsets

3 reading or drawing

Top 3 People

1 Jay Howarth

2 Vero2019

3 Jimmy Pelletier

Top 3 Memories

1 early days sk8 road trips

2 pro sk8 tours

3 20 years w/Magdalena

Top 3 Dreams /  Goals

1 buy another house

2 take care of older years

3 fall in love again

Top 3 Books

1 Anna, Grandmother of Jesus  by Claire Heartsong

2 The Synchronicity Key by David Wilcock

3 The Color of Money (Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap) by Mehrsa Baradaran

Top 3 Movies

1 Hangover

2 Role Models

3 Mummy

Top 3 Favorite Places you have traveled to:

1 Sweden

2 England

3 Panama

Top 3 Places you want to travel to:

1 Japan

2 Australia

3 Chile